by  Lana Del Rey

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It’s here, bitches!
Dope Angel Pussy is an anthology of art, prose, poetry and personal essays inspired by Lana Del Rey and edited by yours truly.
It features work by kdecember, bobschofield, thewonderblood, papercranechronicles, thetsaritsa, lunarviolet, bagelcat, gmckim, shakyhands, therobinhoodofpussy, littlethousand and samanthaconlonart
Check it out, check it out, check it out!!!!!!!

This is amazing, put together by a dear friend, and I have a poem in it! Please look!!
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Red lomography film.

In our front yard, happy.
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Free range chickens have taken up with us! Is this good luck?
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Scan 91 on Flickr.Husband. Pentax K1000.
The badlands, South Dakota on Flickr.The badlands. Vinegar film.
Scan 63 on Flickr.Midwest industry. Dyed film, Pentax K1000.

please check out my new hobby blog: ideal. it’s about how i buy things, sell them, buy different things, justify why i like them or don’t like them, and  in general talk about attempting to refine, simplify and engage with my style.

Pretty colors on dyed film. 
Opaque  by  andbamnan